What is the REAL/TRUE meaning of selfless LOVE?

it is NOT unloving or prideful to speak what the heart of Jesus is Feeling, what pleases/displeases him, and what he teaches and shows the hearts that DRAW near to HIM with all their hearts in this life. It’s NOT meant to harm or anger or hurt you when a true sheep of God tells you when God commands them to tell you that your heart is far from him, you do not currently know him, and whether or not you are born AGAIN of his Holy spirit. it is NOT being in a cult or under bondage or deceived or ‘forsaking the fellowship’ when a heart heeds to the voice of Jesus/their conscience and comes OUT of the MAN MADE, WORLDLY, SATANIC, DELUSIONAL, & DECEPTIVE church system/buildings built by the understanding and leading of man & Satan’s OWN wicked heart motives/understanding and when that heart begins to really charge AFTER God’s own heart and to APPLY & SPEAK all the wisdom, knowledge, TRUTH, revelations, and words of love,  healing, and restoration to the broken hearted that they may too come to know the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE intimately in THIS life in order for them to be safe with him when they physically die. it’s not prideful/arrogant to declare your OBEDIENCE to Jesus to the world to set his HOLY example. it’s not prideful or blasphemous to walk just as God walked and to seek to be exactly just like Him. it is the TRUE & REAL MEANING of LOVE (JESUS HIMSELF) to do/say/be all of the above and it is MEANT to draw you unto Repentance/Jesus Himself and to set you FREE from all the bondage of sin/satan/the world/death and to PROTECT & help SAVE your very SOUL. ❤


Your purpose in life

I have a story to tell this world. There is a Creator of this universe and he is the same one who created your heart. he loves you with an everlasting love and his dsire is to never live without you on his side.you matter so much to him that he once became a man and died to make a way for you to live with him for all eternity. I met him in this life and he made my heart his home because I sought him diligently for the truth. he healed me, set me free, and gave me life. I have found the hidden treasure in this life because I wanted to know the truth about my existence and he appeared to me in spirit. his name is Jesus.he is God Almighty. he will do the same for you if you seek to love qnd obey him as long as you live. this is my testimony.my whole reason of being on this earth was to find my Creator’s heart qnd now I am holding his heart for the whole world to see and to choose life. Repent, make peace with your Creator. this life is all about him and it exists because of him. he gave you this very breath you’re taking right now. turn to him with your whole heart and he will heal and restore you. you are the apple of his eye. Choose wisely as long as you have this life, once you die it will be too late to get to know your Creator. use this time to seek and find him. choose Jesus. choose life.


JESUS’ sheep are of ONE mind, ONE heart, and ONE spirit

Jesus’ sheep do not gather to share their own DIFFERENT “opinions”, “interpretations”, “views” on the scriptures which is ALL their OWN understanding, not Christ’s, who is THE author of the scriptures, Jesus’ sheep have HIS sound mind,  HIS understanding, HIS wisdom, and HIS eyes to see and ears to hear. They are ONE at heart, mind, and spirit because they all GO TO JESUS and sit at HIS feet to learm from HIS heart and to gain HIS understanding & discernment in spirit and in TRUTH. Jesus does NOT keep his sheep in the dark, he may be silent at first for a while to a heart that starts seeking him diligently but if that heart continues to seek him and to cling to him then Jesus eventually WILL come out OUT of hiding for them and start revealing more  and more truth and revelations of his heart to that person the more they drawdraw near to him and abide in him, seeking him for HIS truth and wisdom and understanding DAILY in ALL things and allowing him to become THEIR teacher of his heart and truth/scriptures in spirit and in truth daily in all things.

Jesus says-

do you want THE TRUTH? Are you confused and sick of lies and doubt and don’t know where to go nor what to believe anymore? Are you tired of being lied to, deceived, led astray, and tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine by man whom do not even know me even though they claim to know me and who are VOID of my spirit and not even in UNITY but divided and confused themselves, leaning on their OWN understanding and leading themselves and MANY astray while they are not even COMING TO ME for MY understanding and truth? I ask, do you truly WANT THE TRUTH? If you truly want the TRUTH, then you will COME TO ME and seek me diligently with your WHOLE heart mind soul and strength and you will NOT give up when the battle gets hard but you will rather CLING TO ME and CONTINUE to seek my face diligently in spirit and in truth with your WHOLE heart UNTIL I answer you, come out of hiding for you, and eventually baptize you with my Holy Spirit. COME TO ME, I am THE way, THE TRUTH, & THE life.

-love Jesus


“Will you dance in my foot steps ?” -Love, JESUS♥

From a young age, I wanted to grow up to become a dancer. I loved dancing. I got frustrated as I grew to see that I didn’t meet all of the world’s wicked and vain standards of a dancer. I … Continue reading

JESUS is the ONLY way, the TRUTH, and the LIFE..Go to him for ALL things

Man’s theories and denominations will lead you straight into hell. They
are basically thoughts and opinions of man who are void of his spirit, who lean on their own understanding rather than asking him for truth in all things, and who do not even know,love nor  obey him in spirit and in truth (so few actually do). JESUS is so simple, he is not complicated. Yes, God Almighty is not complicated. HE simply wants to have a real, intimate, and close relationship and fellowship  with his creation daily. He is calling all to repent, fall as dead at his feet, seeking him with their WHOLE heart until he meets them and makes them one with him in spirit and in truth. Jesus wants you to love and want him more than anything and anyone in this life. He is that simple. If you do that then you will naturally fullfill the rest of the law. The law is much more than the 10 commandments, the law is the heart of God, knowing what pleases and what displeases him, and every command that he writes upon mankind’s hearts daily. JESUS is not leading his sheep to build their own selfish kingdoms and congregations on the sand (this dying world) but he’s rather teaching them how to lay down their life for him and for every soul and how to be prepared to be slayed in spirit for their love for him with their whole heart. Go to Jesus for all things.


Whom will you serve?

JESUS is bringing an end to my testimony soon. I have spoken the heart of my GOD to the fullest to bring all to repentance and life. I have been a faithful witness to my Father. Now is the time for HIM to be glorified in me. I must decrease but HE must increase. HE has given you your whole life to choose whom you will serve. Choose now.  Time is about over and every prophecy spoken by HIS true sheep WILL be fulfilled. HE is allowing us to speak up for HIM on here only for a season.  Then it will be cut off. Choose today whether you will follow your Creator and be persecuted then killed for HIS sake or be swept away along withgirl_silhouette this world that you love. Be not deceived, the sword is ALREADY HERE.