What is the REAL/TRUE meaning of selfless LOVE?

it is NOT unloving or prideful to speak what the heart of Jesus is Feeling, what pleases/displeases him, and what he teaches and shows the hearts that DRAW near to HIM with all their hearts in this life. It’s NOT meant to harm or anger or hurt you when a true sheep of God tells you when God commands them to tell you that your heart is far from him, you do not currently know him, and whether or not you are born AGAIN of his Holy spirit. it is NOT being in a cult or under bondage or deceived or ‘forsaking the fellowship’ when a heart heeds to the voice of Jesus/their conscience and comes OUT of the MAN MADE, WORLDLY, SATANIC, DELUSIONAL, & DECEPTIVE church system/buildings built by the understanding and leading of man & Satan’s OWN wicked heart motives/understanding and when that heart begins to really charge AFTER God’s own heart and to APPLY & SPEAK all the wisdom, knowledge, TRUTH, revelations, and words of love,  healing, and restoration to the broken hearted that they may too come to know the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE intimately in THIS life in order for them to be safe with him when they physically die. it’s not prideful/arrogant to declare your OBEDIENCE to Jesus to the world to set his HOLY example. it’s not prideful or blasphemous to walk just as God walked and to seek to be exactly just like Him. it is the TRUE & REAL MEANING of LOVE (JESUS HIMSELF) to do/say/be all of the above and it is MEANT to draw you unto Repentance/Jesus Himself and to set you FREE from all the bondage of sin/satan/the world/death and to PROTECT & help SAVE your very SOUL. ❤


JESUS : God Almighty, or a just a helpless,religious figure?

Many like to picture JESUS as the weak crucified Jewish man, and they miss the fact that after His crucifixion HE actually ROSE FROM THE DEAD. They miss the whole point of JESUS’ dying on the cross by minimizing HIS power and mightiness to their minds and understandings that are limited. JESUS IS ALIVE and in CONTROL, HE IS GOD ALMIGHTY. Don’t belittle HIM to your own imagination , seek HIM for revelation of HIMSELF. Don’t be discouraged because HE speaks to you in a different way that HE speaks to another, HE KNOWS YOUR HEART and will give you what it needs. JESUS knows exactly what HE is doing and when, we have to stand firm in faith and TRUST HIM to help us cross to the other side.HE is faithful and always keeps HIS promises, JESUS TELLS THE TRUTH, HE IS THE TRUTH. So don’t give up, don’t seek man for knowledge of JESUS, man can only give you what their humanly and man-made wisdom tells them, don’t go to them for teaching, JESUS IS THE ONLY TEACHER we should seek the TRUTH from. Call upon the LORD and HE will answer you, seek HIM with your WHOLE HEART. I know this can be deceiving at times because our mind and heart are deceptive , so at times we’d convince ourselves we’ve  given JESUS all the parts of our hearts while there  are STILL parts we keep holding on to. SURRENDER ALL TO JESUS AND SUBMIT TO HIM, HE is the cure and love that will empower us and keep us going on the NARROW PATH.




May JESUS bless you ❤



My testimony : From DEATH to LIFE in JESUS <3

I used to be involved in an evil and false religion that is man-made , there was no love in it nor mercy , only fear and RULES. I got sick to my stomach and just started sinning more and more every passing day, I was stumbling in darkness and fall back into the very same sin over and over again. I was seeking LOVE from man in every way that seemed possible to me, I’d go asking for help and rescue and acceptance from other human beings that were just as doomed and destroyed as I was. I was crying myself to sleep and didn’t know what was the answer nor the way out, I was DEAD.

Then one day I got to know JESUS, I used to hear about Him but usually took HIM for granted and never thought HE would be my cure. So in short I took around a week to pray my salvation prayer and accept HIM in my life as Lord and Savior.

I enjoyed knowing the LORD but along the way, I got deceived and believed the “once saved, always saved” lie and thought it was OKAY to sin from time to time willfully and that God will overlook all of my sins because I “believe”. And of course, as I went on and on and on in my sins they began to grow and take control of me, and I became a slave to my sin , which resulted me into being depressed. I started letting the suicidal thoughts and motives take a hold on to me and kept listening to what demons were telling me and wanting me to believe. I got this close to ending my life and giving up everything that JESUS has given me. Instead of crying out to JESUS, I cried out to myself , I simple didn’t trust HIM enough to surrender all to HIM.

But I thank JESUS for waking me up and saving me from giving up, I was gonna end up in HELL. HE pulled me out of it and taught me how to TRUST HIM, HE HAD MERCY ON ME. I didn’t deserve HIS love, but HE SAVED ME , HE loved me though it all and held on to me. I am now still learning to obey my LORD and following HIS footsteps every day, I am learning how to cling to HIM and never let go of HIS hand no matter what comes along.My life is NOTHING without HIM, HE is my LIGHT and I can’t take one step forward without HIM guiding me. I am exploring my JESUS and getting to know HIM more and more each day, I’m trying to give HIM glory and tell people about what HE has done for me and what HE can do for them also. HE is teaching me how to live holy & a life that is pleasing to HIM. HE is gentle and the BEST parent and friend EVER, HE is still delivering me and cleaning up my life and taking sins out of it every day.

So in short, I’m here today to tell you that JESUS is REAL, HE IS THE LIVING GOD. HE wants to save every single soul on this earth and desires an intimate relationship with each one. HE will accept and embrace you and forgive you , doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past or what you’re still doing now , HE will be there to help you give it up and give you a NEW HEART, HIS HEART.