What is the REAL/TRUE meaning of selfless LOVE?

it is NOT unloving or prideful to speak what the heart of Jesus is Feeling, what pleases/displeases him, and what he teaches and shows the hearts that DRAW near to HIM with all their hearts in this life. It’s NOT meant to harm or anger or hurt you when a true sheep of God tells you when God commands them to tell you that your heart is far from him, you do not currently know him, and whether or not you are born AGAIN of his Holy spirit. it is NOT being in a cult or under bondage or deceived or ‘forsaking the fellowship’ when a heart heeds to the voice of Jesus/their conscience and comes OUT of the MAN MADE, WORLDLY, SATANIC, DELUSIONAL, & DECEPTIVE church system/buildings built by the understanding and leading of man & Satan’s OWN wicked heart motives/understanding and when that heart begins to really charge AFTER God’s own heart and to APPLY & SPEAK all the wisdom, knowledge, TRUTH, revelations, and words of love,  healing, and restoration to the broken hearted that they may too come to know the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE intimately in THIS life in order for them to be safe with him when they physically die. it’s not prideful/arrogant to declare your OBEDIENCE to Jesus to the world to set his HOLY example. it’s not prideful or blasphemous to walk just as God walked and to seek to be exactly just like Him. it is the TRUE & REAL MEANING of LOVE (JESUS HIMSELF) to do/say/be all of the above and it is MEANT to draw you unto Repentance/Jesus Himself and to set you FREE from all the bondage of sin/satan/the world/death and to PROTECT & help SAVE your very SOUL. ❤


Time is running out, turn to JESUS

People get offended when you tell them how serious this time is and how important it is to seek JESUS with all of their heart, mind and soul and give up ALL what the world is offering them. They don’t want to believe that what the world is offering them actually leads to DEATH, they don’t want their “fun” to be over, they want to continue in their own ways doing their own things and not giving it a second thought. They keep ignoring JESUS’ voice as HE is calling them back to HIM, they are turning their face away from HIM and saying : “No GOD, I got this. I can handle this better than you, thanks.” , they are rejecting HIS heart and spirit and insisting on walking on the broad way that leads to DEATH. Most don’t even realize how REAL this is, unless JESUS is living within your heart you cannot see what time it is, you cannot see how grieved HIS heart is, you cannot see what HE wants you to see and hear what HE wants you to hear. This is distraction and death time, DEATH is already inhabiting many, many hearts that do not know JESUS nor are giving HIM a chance to to know HIM. Many are choosing to be deaf and blind to the TRUTH set before their eyes and ears as they refuse to turn to JESUS and give HIM their hearts. JESUS is NOW building with HIMSELF the hearts that truly seek HIM, HE is preparing the crowns of life that HIS true children that love HIM more than anything and anyone else (including self) will be crowned with. This is time and it has arrived, JESUS is giving second chances to ALL the hearts of mankind but 99% are REJECTING HIM. They may profess HIM with their mouths but with their hearts and the way they live they ARE pushing HIS heart away and NOT doing what HE says and commands. Time is NOW to know JESUS and cling to HIM with every little bit of your being, EVERYTHING. Give yourself 100% to JESUS and let HIM build you with HIS heart before it’s too late, IT IS ALREADY LATE, run to JESUS and let HIM save you from this world that’s drowning in its own wickedness. JESUS loves you and doesn’t desire for any heart to perish,




I remember every little detail of how I first got saved and born again, it was such a beautiful and peaceful feeling that this world can’t give. But SATAN didn’t like it, and he started filling my head with lies , like the “once saved always saved” lie. But he cannot force you nor I to sin , WE SIN willfully. So I believed his lies and followed him, because what he said sounded pleasurable to my eyes and I liked the sin he was getting back to. And I got involved again in lust, fornication, and adultery. I believed that it was OKAY because now I believe in JESUS, and that I can sin and STILL be forgiven and allowed into HIS kingdom. But deep inside in my heart, everytime I practiced that sin, I felt very convicted and asked JESUS to forgive me and told HIM that I was sorry. I knew that it was wrong, but I thought that saying “sorry” was enough and that it was REPENTANCE. I started reading online about it and finding excuses for that sin, I was looking for   any thing to justify my sin rather than finding my way out of it. But then I read a comment somewhere about someone that got delivered from that very same sin after asking JESUS for deliverance. So I still went on practicing my sin, and after I was done I asked JESUS to deliver me. it was just crazy. But one night as I was surfing , I believe that JESUS has lead me to come across a video on Youtube about a testimony of a brother who got set free from that sin. As I read the whole testimony and when I was done, I cried out to JESUS with my whole heart and asked HIM for help, I told HIM that I truly don’t want to sin anymore, and that I am ready to receive HIS power of deliverance I literally said to HIM ” Please give me power to overcome”. And guess what? HE DID !!! HE delivered me right away, in one night, all it took was a prayer from the depth of a sinner’s broken heart. Yes, even though I accepted JESUS as my LORD and SAVIOR, I still sinned, therefore I was STILL a SINNER.Of course there was temptation after that , even the very next morning. And I admit that I did give in to some of it by my imagination and thoughts, but I asked JESUS to set me free from them and HE did. The temptation WILL come back, and much stronger sometimes, but the right thing to do is CALL UPON THE NAME OF JESUS. Only HIM , with HIS powerful presence can save you. and stay with HIM in prayer until the temptation fades away. And as a matter of fact, we should stay with JESUS all day long : in our thoughts, hearts,minds,words. THAT is how you turn your life into prayer and make it a habit, you can go check my article on this subject of “How do I know JESUS better?” here:  https://nallifollowthelight.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/how-do-i-know-jesus-better/

And I pray that the LORD will always bless and keep you from the wickedness of this world, always remember to go to HIM and seek HIS truth, HE IS THE TRUTH !! 🙂Image,

What are YOU feeding yourself,others,and your children? JESUS or DEMONS ?

Children are a precious gift from God, they are not yours, they are HIS. HE gave them to you to raise them HIS way and teach them to OBEY HIM. FEED YOUR CHILDREN JESUS, NOT DEMONS. Cartoons,movies,music now days are DEMONS and SATAN’s instruments , HE uses those characters to control and influence your LIFE. HE hates it when you set yourself apart from the world and start seeking JESUS, but HE loves it when you sit for hours watching movies,tv-shows,cartoons that are blaspheming the name of JESUS , it’s VERY DEMONIC and well-planned to SET YOU UP. I’m telling you today, go to JESUS and stop being lukewarm, JESUS WANTS ALL OF YOUR HEART not just a part of it. DON’T do everything that JESUS hates then say you love HIM, HE said in HIS written word that THOSE WHO LOVE HIM OBEY HIS COMMANDMENTS. So don’t fool yourselves, stop dragging your souls to HELL and people along with you , DO NOT CAUSE OTHERS TO STUMBLE AND FALL FOR LIES OF SATAN. If you’re a parent , take good care and pay well enough attention to your children, give them JESUS , HE IS THE BREAD OF LIFE AND THE LIFE GIVING WATER. Set yourself apart from this world and pray that JESUS works in the hearts of all mankind , that HE may open up their spiritual eyes and ears to hear and see HIM. Amen !