There are MANY selfish parents and worldly, devil’s Counselors in the world

There are SO many vain/worldly  ‘counselors’ of the devil who are actually LIARS that work for their father the devil to DESTROY hearts, souls, and lives of MANY who give DESTRUCFIVE counsels such as ” how to talk to your child about your remariage (while your first covenant spouse is still alive)” or “how to get your child to accept your divorce chouce that u made to throw away your husband out of pride, selfishness, and unforgiveness and a hardened heart not caring ONE bit about how ur child and spouse feel”..and those who love the lusts of their own wicked heart will run to teachers that will give them ear itching messages that will provide them a temporary false comfort/peace as they HAPPILY remain in their sins as long as it makes them ‘happy’, DOESNT matter how destructive the SELFISH choices & decisions they make are to their childrens’ hearts, minds, and souls and whole entire LIVES. I understand how a bitter root grows within a child’s heart who  was only seeking the pure selfless and sincere love, care, and attention that their hearts need from their parents. Your children NEED your time with them, they NEED to be asked how they feel and to be heard out and listened to wholeheartedly by you. If you are a parent then Jesus’ heart is CRYING OUT to you to STOP being selfish, REPENT, and humble urself before him and ur children. They NEED you.

Many parents will be looking at God’s standard of mariage and how to build a family on his heart as they feel so condemned and they will be sooo angry and shout at him “but i DO love my kids!! U have NO right to judge me!!” As Jesus looks them right in the eye and says with as a look of sincere love and care but deep seriousness and concern as he says ” Look at me, no you DON’T love ur children as u claim. If you loved them you will keeo my commandnemts and look out for their BEST interest first rather than ur own selfish heart and happiness in this fleeting world. This world is fleeting but if u do my will and teach ur children to do my will you will live and unless u repent if your sins you will die in them and perish”.

” if you love ur children as u claim then u would FLEE your adulterous mariage that i never called mariage and you will go reconcile with your REAL husband that u throw away for your own selfish heart and will and you will cry out to me and reoent to me in humble tears as well as to your husband and children and you will pick up your cross and follow me otherwise u are not worthy of me” – love Jesus Christ, to every Spouse /parent who  left their real/first covenant mariage when their spouse was still living. “you owe your children, spouse, and me an apology. “



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