Who are my holy Prophets ? – love Jesus <3

Who are my prophets? my prophets are those who tell the world what my heart is feeling, what i like and dislike, and that I love every soul with all of my heart amd wish for NONE to perish. my prophets are those whom you can find sitting alone in the schools of man and set apart during family gatherings and conversations of vanity. my prophets are those who still jump and shout “I LOVE U PAPA JESUS!!!!” with all of their heart on their roofs and they dance with me on the stairs and the kitchen floor. my prophets are misunderstood by a world that HATES my pure, undefiled heart and holy spirit and SOUND mind that dwells within my few prophets and they are ENVIOUS and jealous of my prophets’ love for me. my prophets are told that they have a DEMON in them for speaking my holy oracles and in the NEW tongues of my selfless love/law/heart and they are HATED and REJECTED for obeying my words with all their hearts and might. my prophets prophecy that most who CLAIM to love me but actually don’t will NOT enter into my eternal rest/love/holiness/kingdom/heaven/heart ans they will be the ones CRYING for the souls of their enemies and persecutors, begging me to save them. my prophets deny themselves DAILY and they are CONSTANTLY walking in my heart/law/holiness by FIGHTING and praying CONSTANTLY for their souls and for EVERY HEART to come to know ME in this life so that they can be with me forever when they shed their flesh in THIS life. my prophets are holy and they are outcasts, they are FEW and they are but a REMNANT. my prophets are those who STILL know, love, SERVE, trust, and obey Me even if they NEVER had a bible to read nor REAL fellowship with their holy, sanctified brethren. my prophets look, sound, and LIVE just like me. my prophets are my heart , holy spirit, and sound mind. my prophets are walking just as I walked and they are CALLING OUT to EVERYONE to do the SAME that they might be SAVED through Me. my prophets love ME FIRST above All ELSE and they esteem others as better than self, laying their life DOWN for the sake of EVERY soul. my prophets will risk their reputation and they will GLADLY and WILLINGLY be hated and persecuted for telling you what’s in your OWN heart, that you do not know me, and that you are NOT born again if you are not because they CARE for your SOUL and they OBEY my command to speak whatever my heart and spirit are speaking. my prophets are holy because I AM holy and I COMMAND that EVERY SOUL becomes and LIVES holy. my prophets are JUST like ME. I LIVE within my prophets and they live in ME. if you have seen my prophets then yoy have seen ME because I AM their VOICE and PROPHECY and they are my MOUTHPIECE to the world. will you be one of my holy prophets? -love Jesus


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