MOST who CLAIM Jesus do NOT actually know/love Him :'(

MOST of those who CLAIM to love Jesus are either LUKEWARM or PHARISEES. I say this ALL IN LOVE because Jesus & I CARE for your SOULS. MOST only have a “Me & the Bible” relationship and routine where they COMPLETELY EXCLUDE Jesus as they READ HIS SCRIPTURES in their OWN UNDERSTANDING out of PRIDE, SELFISHNESS, & the FEAR OF MAN. MOST are seeking the praises of MAN and of one another rather than the praises of GOD. Most literally couldn’t care LESS about how Jesus feels as long as they have their “friends” and “fellowship” going on where they COMPROMISE His HEART and do the VERY things which he HATES. Jesus wants you to know that if you are feeling CONVICTED by this then it’s because your HEART is currently FAR from your own CREATOR’s heart and you need to repent and CALL/CRY OUT TO HIM with ALLLLL of your heart while you are still here on earth and begin to actually APPLY HIS HEART/LAW/COMMANDS DAILY in your life/heart and you will then begin to SEE HIS POWER MANIFEST in/to YOU and others around you. If you walk with Jesus in this life then there IS a price to pay and a literal, REAL, spiritual BATTLE that is taking place right now for your soul and for other souls whether you realize it or not and you need to GET UP, PICK UP YOUR MAT/CROSS, and start FOLLOWING Jesus with ALL of your heart if you want to be right with him and to FULFILL the purpose of your existence here on earth and in this life which IS JESUS HIMSELF, seeking Him, FINDING HIM (when you seek him with ALL of your heart before you DIE), and WALKING WITH HIM just AS HE WALKED until your life here is OVER which could be any minute now. Repent & turn to Jesus with ALL of your HEART while you STILL CAN and do NOT miss out on being who God made you to be: JUST LIKE HIM! :’)


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