Jesus WILL FORGIVE, SAVE, & RECEIVE the repentant heart. <3

Jesus literally erased my sins from before his face when I cried out to him with all of my heart for the truth. God has the POWER to give me a NEW life in him and to TRANSFORM MY HEART within SECONDS when I proved to him that I wanted Him more than anything/anyone else and HE CAN do the same for you today if you will cry out to him with all of your heart right now right where you are. Jesus gave me LIFE and he BECAME MY LIFE the moment I met him in spirit. He showered me with PURE, TRUE LOVE that literally washed my sins away and covered me in LIGHT I met God Almighty in this life and I CAN TESTIFY that HE IS GOOD and he met my heart with wide open arms when he saw that I wanted to know , love & serve him with all my heart regardless of my past at that moment. When I met God in this life I had literally NO idea that I was literally able to MEET GOD in THIS LIFE!!! But it was a REAL moment that took place and my WHOLE life now is a LIVING & WALKING testimony of who God truly is and that he IS LOVE just as well as he IS HOLINESS. Seek Jesus!!!


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